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Abstract Submission


Posters and Oral Presentations in the Breaking News Session will be accepted in the following areas, with reference to Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood:

  1. Clinics
  2. Genetics and modelling
  3. Quality of life for the underage and adult patients

  4. IT and Organizational Models for multidisciplinary research networks
  • The abstracts, both for Posters and Oral Presentations must be received before 31 August 2013.

To submit an abstract please fill the Abstract Submission Form and send it by email to

To download the Abstract Submission Form click here.


All the accepted abstracts will be admitted as Poster Presentations.

Only five abstracts, among those submitted for the Oral Presentation, will be selected by the Scientific Committee to be presented during the Breaking News Session. The selection of the Scientific Committee is unquestionable.

The acceptance of an Abstract will be notified to the Presenting Author within 15 days from the submission.

The accepted Abstracts will be published on the Official Website of the Symposium.


Posters must be in portrait orientation and measure not more than 0.8m wide and 1.0m high.

Oral Presentations must not exceed 10 minutes and 10 slides.


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